Tantric Massage Hong Kong

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Erotic massage tickles the senses, several massage techniques are used to make the body and mind feel both relaxed and aroused. The body parts that get attention during a ‘normal’ massage get treated as well as the erogenous zones. This specific way of giving a professional massage speeds up the production of the hormones which makes the client feel happy, relaxed and free of fears. It also improves the blood circulation which makes the body feel vibrant and alive afterwards. Hormones that are released during an erotic massage are endorphins, serotonin, DHEA, testosterone and oxytocin. Especially for woman an erotic massage can do wonders, it works like a natural aphrodisiac. Scientific studies have proven that both the sex life and the orgasms improve when woman have regular erotic massages.

The release of endorphins, the “happy hormone”, has several scientific proven advantages which can be achieved by booking an erotic massage. It can help treat depression, anxiety disorders, mood swings, tiredness, stress and an all over unhappy feeling. Besides the mental advantages, endorphins released while getting an erotic massage can also help with physical issues like stressed muscles, tiredness in the body, any imbalance in the health, tension and help with recovering from multiple health issues.

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