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Erotic massage can be a very effective tool within sexual therapy. Besides the proven relaxing and healing effect of professional massages, erotic massage and sexual therapy can do even more. By stimulating the body and brain to relax and enjoy the client is much more open to sexual feelings. Building up the libido and enhancing sexual feelings and self confidence can work wonders while using erotic massage.

Erotic massage can be a form of foreplay within a (sexual) relationship that can spice up the sex life and bring partners closer together. Besides that, erotic massage can help stimulate sexual feelings and help the client feel aroused more easily and longer than they are used too. It can help build up the libido and help men cope with sexual issues like premature ejaculation. Woman will experience a bigger libido and their orgasms will improve. The combination of relaxation, enhancement of sexual feelings and production of hormones makes erotic massage an appealing form of foreplay as well as a helpful part of sexual therapy.

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