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Erotic massage or sensual / sensuous massage is a defined way of using massage techniques. Its focus is on giving the client an all over relaxing experience while trying to achieve sexual arousal. Despite what some people may think, erotic massage is a classy and safe way to enhance the sex life and sexual arousal of people of every walk of life.

During an erotic massage not only the body parts are treated that get attention during a ‘regular’ massage, also erogenous spots like the ears, nipples, bum and between the legs get attention. These techniques can be used as foreplay in the bedroom within a sexual relationship. Besides that a professional masseuse can enhance the sexual feelings during an erotic massage which can boost the sex life of the client. These ancient techniques can help the body and mind relax. Also the hormone endorphin gets released which gives the client a feeling of happiness. A professional erotic massage can enhance the physical and mental health of a client as well as improve their sex life and sexual feelings.

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